Severn / Brodny
Kennels, Inc.


Severn / Brodny Kennels, Inc. offers a range of grooming services from show clips to simple trims, baths and nails.  If the owners want their pet to be neatly trimmed or cut-down our trained staff is ready to oblige.  We also know specific breed grooming.  Once a month a second groomer is on staff to groom on Saturdays for those who cannot make it during the week.
Call for a grooming appointment and rates.

All dogs and cats are checked for fleas upon arrival, and if there are fleas on them then they are bathed at the owner's expense before entering the boarding facility.
From brush-outs to blow-outs and baths, our staff can clean the dirtiest dog.
Before and afters of some of our clients.  No dog is too large or too small.